The Fisher Wallace Stimulator®

The Fisher Wallace Stimulator® successfully treats depression, anxiety, insomnia & chronic pain.

It safely delivers micro-currents of electricity (1-4 mA) at patented frequencies. This has been shown to stimulate production of serotonin, GABA and endorphins in the brain, which are required for improved sleep and mood (F. Fregni. Neuroscientist, Dec 2009).

Used twice daily, minimum of 6 hours apart, individuals typically experience a reduction in depression, anxiety, insomnia within 1-4 weeks with 75% success rate.

The device may also be applied directly to the body to treat site-specific pain as a low-amperage TENS device.

More than 30 peer-reviewed articles have been published on this technology.  The device was cleared by the FDA in 1991 and therefore requires a doctor’s prescription.  (Drugs are approved by the FDA, devices are cleared by the FDA).

Please click here to watch video of the use of Fisher Wallace device for insomnia on “The Doctor’s,” a morning TV show.


Fisher Wallace offers a 60-Day Return, Full Refund Policy for customers who are not satisfied with the results of using the device.


Scientific papers about the technology and mechanism of action of the Fisher Wallace Stimulator:

Zaghi S, Acar M, Hultgren B, Boggio P, Fregni F.  Noninvasive Brain Stimulation with Low-Intensity Electrical Currents: Putative Mechanisms of Action for Direct and Alternating Current Stimulation.  The Neuroscientist.  December 29, 2009